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[The Ultimate Combination]

Fundraising isn’t complicated – but it is often overwhelming.

And it can feel like an even bigger challenge when your audience doesn’t fully understand the work and impact of your organization.

Let’s change that.

brand strategy
+ fundraising
= genius

Leverage the power of strategic storytelling and revitalize your donors.

BrandRaise is a strategy-led communications consultancy that supports small- to mid-sized nonprofits.

We collaborate with organizations and help move their mission forward by capturing their impact story, building brand awareness and creating community advocates who inspire action.

how we can work together

The Raise Method

Making fundraising approachable and accessible.

Part 1:
The Impact Story

Together, we’ll collect your organization’s key details – think programs, history, budget and benefits – and pull it all together into an inspiring and detailed explanation of your work.

This document serves as the foundation for all other communication and is a great reference tool for soliciting funds, writing grants and creating additional marketing materials.

Part 2:
The Communication Guide

Once we have the broader narrative nailed down via your Impact Story, we reinforce it by developing relevant communication guidelines.

This includes nuances like brand personality, voice and engagement standards, and strategic partner direction.

Part 3:
The Supporting Tools

Even when you’re armed with an Impact Story and Communication Guide, fundraising can still stir up fear and uncertainty.

The last phase is about providing you (and your team) with approachable and accessible tools like solicitation training and volunteer engagement to give you even more confidence to drive your mission forward.


A holistic approach to communicating the need your organization fills, so that your team, donors and advocates clearly see the big picture and fully understand what you do.

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Meet your communication partners

Brianna Pyka

Hi there, I’m Brianna, I’m a passionate fundraiser dedicated to supporting nonprofits doing more. It’s important to me that nonprofits streamline their fundraising efforts in order to be able to focus more on bringing their vision to life. From establishing foundational marketing for nonprofits through capital campaign management, each stage of nonprofit work plays an integral role in the success of nonprofits. While completing $2-3M+ capital campaigns, we realized there was a gap in that market that focused on both fundraising and communications on a foundational level, thus Brand Raise.

kelly wittman

Hello, hello! I’m Kelly, an equally passionate brand strategist and designer who loves supporting nonprofits on their mission to do more good work in this world. I’ve seen firsthand the power of creating a consistent and cohesive brand – from building better connections with your audience to streamlining marketing and fundraising efforts. That’s why I am so excited to bring together these two pivotal elements – fundraising and brand!

Let’s get started